4 Tips for Mellowing the Holiday Season Stress

December is one of the busiest months of the year in the healthcare insurance industry. Pile all of those added holiday season stressors on top, and you’ve got a recipe for a tense ‘best time of the year.’ That’s why we’ve put together this list of 4 tips to keep your holiday (and busy season) [...]

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Inside Look Video Series: A Glimpse into Ultimate Health Coverage

We say it a lot: Ultimate Health, our premier supplemental healthcare reimbursement product, covers many different types of expenses. But what are some examples? One of our product experts, Rachel, says it best in this video. Take a look to discover the wide array of expenses Ultimate Health can reimburse for. The plan can easily [...]

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All Supplemental is Not Voluntary and All Dessert is Not Pumpkin Pie: Quick Vocab Review

Today we’re going to cover a commonly confused term in the insurance industry, and that term is supplemental. Misconception A major mistake many people make, brokers and employers alike, is that when they see the word ‘supplemental’, their minds automatically jump to voluntary insurance. But these two terms aren’t interchangeable. All voluntary insurance is supplemental [...]

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A Quick Showcase of Ultimate Health

At ArmadaCare, our premiere insurance product is Ultimate Health, a group supplemental reimbursement plan designed specifically for busy leaders. While we mention Ultimate Health a lot on our blog, we have yet to do a quick and easy breakdown of what this product has to offer. Without further ado: Brief Overview As mentioned above, Ultimate [...]

Beware of the Trickery: What Kind of Coverage Are You Dealing With?

It’s Halloween time! Along with consuming copious amounts of sugary treats, this is the time of year when it’s customary to put on a mask and pose as something you’re not. While this annual game of dress-up is all done in fun, it seems a fitting time to discuss the dangers of deceiving coverage because, [...]

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Beyond ACA Repeal: 2017 Health Care Policymaking That Will Impact Employers Part I

By Sirona Strategies It’s been a busy year for health care in Washington. While the conversation has largely focused on reform of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) individual marketplaces and Medicaid financing structure, there are a number of other substantial health care policy debates underway. Notably, this year has seen momentum on issues of importance [...]

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Add Some Flavor with Supplemental: Get the Scoop

Let’s be honest, one-size-fits-all primary health plans are plain vanilla. Of course, vanilla is a perfectly okay ice cream flavor. It’s the base needed to create a lot of more exciting flavors. In benefits terms, it’s necessary, too. You have to have that base primary plan. But today’s market doesn’t allow for much variety in [...]

Bolster Workplace Culture With Innovative Benefits

We’ve discussed before the importance of aligning your benefits packages with your company culture and values (here and here). For instance, at Armada, we host a Wellness Initiative with workout and yoga classes, healthy snack options, lunch & learns, and special health activity events to reinforce our culture of wellness. At Armada, we also value [...]

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Happy 100 Blog Articles: A Look Back

This month, Armada Articles becomes a year and a half old, and our blog post last week marked 100 articles! We’ve enjoyed sharing healthcare and business stories and trends with you over the past year and a half and are excited for all of the articles to come. We always strive to provide our partners, [...]

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Super Supplemental: Expense Reimbursed Insured

At Armada, one of our favorite topics is group supplemental insurance. We love to help our brokers and clients better understand the different types of supplemental insurance. While we’ve definitely discussed expense reimbursed insured plans before (take a look at these posts: here and here), we have never dedicated an entire post to this powerful [...]

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