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3 Reasons Compensation Is Not Enough to Retain Top Talent

Let’s start by saying compensation is necessary to your retention efforts, but it can’t do the job alone. Money is obviously important, but a main component to retention is keeping your top talent happy. And happiness is still one of those things money can’t buy. As your top talent, these employees expect to be compensated [...]

July 14th, 2016|All, Health & Business|1 Comment

Total Rewards Package: Think Outside the Box

Though the notion of total rewards has been around for a while, a recent model shows that there are several elements of total rewards strategy that define the way a company attracts, motivates, retains and engages employees. Fulfilling each category can be simple and straightforward, but if you want a total rewards package that thinks [...]

July 5th, 2016|All, Health & Business|0 Comments

The Decline of the Annual Pay Raise and the Rise of Health Benefits

The effectiveness of the annual pay raise is fading. Typically, this tactic has been used to drive performance, boost satisfaction, and retain and reward employees. But the job market is changing, and it’s time for employers to begin changing with it. Old School So what’s the problem with annual pay raises? On the one hand, it’s [...]

June 28th, 2016|All, Health & Business|1 Comment

Maryland Entrepreneur of the Year 2016: An Innovator Among Us

It is an exciting time for ArmadaGlobal as one of our own is recognized as a true trailblazer and visionary! You may recall that our very own Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Keith Sullivan, was named a finalist for the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Maryland Program. At a gala on June [...]

Inspiring Positivity: Health Insurance Reimagined

In an industry filled with aches and pains, both literally and figuratively, the cloud of negativity surrounding the health insurance industry is a tough one to shake. Picture Eeyore on a blustery day. Where does this negativity come from? There’s the obvious answer of sickness. When do you need health insurance? When you’re sick, a [...]

June 21st, 2016|All, Health & Business|0 Comments

What Goes Around Comes Around: What the Boomerang Worker Trend Means For Employers

Boomerang workers, employees who leave a company for a period of time and then later return to their former employer, are becoming increasingly common. According to a recent poll, 29% have boomeranged, 41% would consider boomeranging and 52% said their company employed a boomerang worker. Why? So why are people so willing to return to [...]

June 14th, 2016|All, Health & Business|0 Comments

Business Travel’s Hidden Baggage

In today’s globalized business world, traveling is a necessity. Despite the technological advances that have made communication and transactions between far off places very possible, face-to-face meetings remain a prevalent and preferred method of business relations. And therefore you, or your employees, are probably what one might call a ‘business traveler.’ Although this title comes [...]

June 7th, 2016|All, Health & Business, Travel Safety|0 Comments

Compensation Power Tool

Whether you’re looking to reward hardworking employees, recruit new top talent, or retain a leader with a wandering eye, the answer may not lie in throwing money at the problem.  Actually, contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the money. (Sorry Jessie J.) Instead of raising salaries or awarding a bonus, consider an alternative that will [...]

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

May is Global Employee Health and Fitness Month! With rising healthcare premiums and shrinking coverage, everyone wants to stay as healthy as possible. Dedicate this month to changing your health behavior. This is the perfect opportunity to make a collective change together with your colleagues and work on improving health as a company community. Previously [...]

May 10th, 2016|All, Health & Business, Timely Topics|0 Comments

3 Steps to Executive Stickiness

Stickiness: a word usually associated with gum, peanut butter, and syrup used to describe an adhesive quality. You may have also heard this word used in reference to web stickiness: anything about a website that makes a visitor want to stay on the page. This goal of web stickiness, though from a different industry, is [...]

May 5th, 2016|All, Health & Business|0 Comments