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The space where these two entities meet and how they interact with one another.

Let’s Talk Trickle-Down: It All Starts With Top Talent

We talk a lot about protecting top talent. But why is it so important to keep your top talent healthy and productive? First, let’s answer the question: Who are top talent? This truly depends on your company and who you define as the employees who drive the business. Here are a few examples: Executives Team [...]

April 5th, 2016|All, Health & Business|3 Comments

Make Health Benefits the Next Trendy Recruitment Tool

Following Generation Y to the job market was a rush of ‘cool company culture.’ Perks like lounge areas, free food, and open and trendy office space became popular recruitment tools. Emulating the Google headquarters was the ideal goal. But as increasing amounts of companies strive for and achieve this goal, it becomes less of a [...]

March 28th, 2016|All, Health & Business, Healthcare Gap Solutions|2 Comments

What Your Executive Compensation Plan Is Missing

It’s that time of year again: time to revamp your executive compensation package to create a powerful concoction that can recruit top talent and keep key players happy. First off, let’s touch on what usually goes into an executive compensation plan. Base Salary Bonuses (short term incentives) Long term incentives Benefits Perquisites Each aspect is [...]