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Avoid Providing ‘House of Cards’ Coverage

Employees expect their healthcare insurance plans to protect them by providing coverage for health expenses when they need it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to pay for treatment and would be either left unhealthy (due to being unable to receive the treatment) or in serious debt (due to having the treatment despite not being able [...]

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Insurance with True Value

In a recent post, we covered the value of an insured product versus something that may act similarly, but is not technically insurance. You can read the details here, but in short, insurance delivers much greater value because of its ability to ebb and flow. We also explained that while primary insurance plan premiums are [...]

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The Value of Insurance

Let’s take a minute to address insurance. We all know what it is, but sometimes understanding the value in an insured product versus something that seems like insurance is difficult. Insurance can be described as an arrangement that provides risk transfer and protection against a possible eventuality. Yes, that may sound a little theoretical, but [...]

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Say No to Cookie-Cutter Benefits

Benefits play a big role in recruiting and retaining key employees who make an important impact on company performance. And since we find ourselves in a job seekers’ market with more job opportunities than before, it’s crucial to keep a mindful eye on the competition and what they’re offering. It’s easy to get into a [...]

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Healthy ‘Ed’ition: Corporate Wellness

It’s easy to feel stuck in your routine (both literally and figuratively) when you spend a lot of your time at work, behind a desk. Staying healthy is a challenge for sure, but it’s necessary for your overall wellbeing and happiness. At Armada, we make this belief part of our culture with a Wellness Initiative [...]

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Healthy ‘Ed’ition: Executive Physical

Hello, again. And if you’re just starting to follow along, welcome! I’m Ed Walker, President of ArmadaGlobal, and this is my journey to the Baltimore Marathon. You can find the first post in the series here. This week, I decided it would be a good idea to take advantage of Ultimate Health’s Executive Physical Program [...]

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The Cost of Unwellness

While the debate about the effectiveness of wellness plans continues (you can read up on it here, here and here), a study by the Global Wellness Institute has calculated the cost of unwellness, and they yielded some pretty overwhelming results. Here are the highlights: Unwellness at work costs the U.S. economy $2.2 trillion a year [...]

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Recruitment Game Plan in a Job Seeker’s Market

You may have noticed the increase in news coverage on the job seeker’s market. There is a talent shortage, an increased amount of job options, and a job perks arms race. It’s understandable to feel intimidated when attempting to recruit in this type of market. But this concoction of circumstances shouldn’t create fear. Instead of seeing [...]

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Pro Tips on Productivity

With to-do lists stretching as far as the eye can see, meetings taking over your schedule and your daily duties piling up, staying productive can be quite the challenge. Our supplemental healthcare reimbursement plan, Ultimate Health, is made specifically for busy company leaders to reduce the distractions that come with health issues like researching multiple [...]

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Win Talent with Competitive Benefits

Attracting and keeping top talent depends on a lot of things. There isn’t one magic factor that employers can offer that will automatically create a magnetic company. It’s more about creating a mix of valuable elements that together pull in top talent and make amazing leaders want to stay. This concoction can include things like [...]

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