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Your heath and safety is just as important when you are traveling as when you are home. Learn more about that continuity of care.

Preparing for the Ultimate Adventure

Travel is changing. Vacationers are expanding their sights from routine travel destinations, like Martha’s Vineyard, London and New York, to locations a bit more ‘off the beaten path.’ Exploration Visiting underdeveloped countries is increasing in popularity. Another growing trend among vacationers is to explore places they’ve never been to before rather than return to an [...]

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Member Travel Story: A Fall from Great Heights

Let us be the first to officially welcome you to the summer travel season! Itineraries are in the works and suitcases are getting filled as vacations creep closer on the calendar. Though considering what could go wrong at your destination may not be the most fun part of your pre-trip planning, it’s important to be [...]

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Travel Portal: Favorite Features

It’s April! What does that mean? The weather is teetering between downpours and sunshine, April the giraffe is somehow still pregnant and many of you will soon be jetting away on spring getaways, whether that’s to a relaxing oasis or a family spring break vacation. We’d like to take a moment to wish you safe [...]

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Take Me Home for the Holidays

With the holiday season comes winter getaways to beautiful snowy places or tropical oases, but are you really as protected during travel as you are when you’re at home? At Ultimate Health, we understand the importance of seamless access to quality healthcare wherever you are. That’s why we’ve partnered with UnitedHealthcare Global to offer Take [...]

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Six Thanksgiving Safety Tips

We’d like to extend a heartfelt Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from all of us here at Armada. We hope that you take this restful holiday to relax and spend time with loved ones. That said, with special occasions come increased health and safety risks. So to keep this a happy, safe and [...]

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Healthy Edition: Travel Services to the Rescue

Hey, everyone. With a little under a month to go until the Marathon, my training regimen is in full swing. Luckily, no injuries so far. But, on the home front, there was an issue that gave me and my family quite a scare. My daughter is an avid athlete who, like me, dedicates a good [...]

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5 Ways to Set Yourself Up For Healthy Travel

It’s August, which means that vacation season is drawing to a close. This also means that many of you may be trying to cram in one or a few last-hoorahs before the weather gets chilly again or your schedules begin to get hectic. We thought it would be a nice idea to compile a list [...]

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The Balancing Act of Summer

Summertime! The great outdoors! Campfires and s’mores! Sunburn! Poison ivy! Bug bites and food poisoning! Unfortunately, with the good comes the potential for bad, and as you pack your bags for your next getaway or family vacation, it’s important to think of all the necessities that you may need to help you through the rough [...]

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Member Story: A Little Help Goes A Long Way

One of our Ultimate Health members, Shannon, recently told us about a little-known aspect of the Ultimate Health plan that really saved her day. She was at the airport, about to travel back to the United States from a business trip abroad when she came down with a terrible headache that would have made her [...]

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Business Travel’s Hidden Baggage

In today’s globalized business world, traveling is a necessity. Despite the technological advances that have made communication and transactions between far off places very possible, face-to-face meetings remain a prevalent and preferred method of business relations. And therefore you, or your employees, are probably what one might call a ‘business traveler.’ Although this title comes [...]

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