Founded in 2004, ArmadaGlobal strives to bring transformational impact to our customers’ businesses and lives. Taking care of people is at the core of all that we do, which is why ArmadaGlobal is known for providing world-class service. Through the years, we have seen first-hand the impact ArmadaGlobal’s services have made. Employees get coverage beyond traditional health benefits, and those in need of specialty care are able to access the best doctors for their condition, quickly and objectively. It’s life changing—and lifesaving.

Our Founders

Keith Sullivan and Brian Rogers, healthcare industry veterans and entrepreneurs, set out to fill the large and growing financial and access gaps in the healthcare system. They saw the opportunity to innovate in an industry in desperate need of modernization. The result was ArmadaGlobal and its two distinct divisions: ArmadaCare, which develops, manages, administers and distributes supplemental insured solutions to bring companies innovative benefits for their employees, and ArmadaHealth which uses a proprietary physician-patient matching platform to guide members to physician specialists for their specific conditions.

As Keith and Brian believed from the beginning, if you hire good people and give them the training, power and resources to do their job well, then the sky is the limit. And knowing the company’s future has such potential for growth, in April 2017, Keith and Brian decided to bring in a new investment partner. To this effect, ArmadaGlobal was acquired by Sirius International Insurance Group, Ltd., a global (re)insurance company with a leading position in Accident & Health insurance. Learn more about our founders.

Explore the timeline to see ArmadaGlobal’s evolution.

Armada Timeline


ArmadaCare Launches New Breed of Benefits

ArmadaCare’s new supplemental suite of expense reimbursed insured products allows companies to build a benefits structure that manages cost and supports recruitment and retention aims.

Armada Achieves Best-in-Class for Customer Loyalty 2 Years Running

This “best-in-class” Net Promoter Score (NPS) solidifies our standing as a frontrunner in the health insurance industry. Our score has risen 10 points from the previous year to reach +68, ranking the company among other leading brands in customer satisfaction.

We Won Gold at the Stevie Awards!

In February, Armada took home first place at the Stevie Award ceremony. This recognition is a testament to our commitment and delivery of world-class service and the outstanding work of our service teams and entire Armada staff. The awards are the business world’s top honors for customer service.


Our Founder, Keith Sullivan, Wins EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Maryland

Our fearless leader brings home a win, representing the healthcare IT category in Maryland. We couldn’t be prouder.


TopDoc Connect is Launched

Our health navigation product is renamed and relaunched as TopDoc Connect. Once bundled only within our Ultimate Health plan, it’s now available to clients and individuals as a stand-alone product.

Armada measures NPS for the First Time and Results Are Impressive!

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a management tool used to gauge the loyalty of a firm’s customer relationships. Armada’s scores for loyalty and satisfaction are on par with Zappos.


We Debut Our World-Class Administration System

Armada builds and launches our new administrative platform that enables us to deliver unsurpassed service excellence to all our clients.

We Win the ‘Best Places to Work’ Award from Baltimore Business Journal

Armada is recognized for its commitment and dedication to Armada employees, the ‘Armidians.’


We Open Our New Corporate Headquarters

Driven by our desire to do what’s best for our employees and our environment, ArmadaGlobal moves to its current eco-friendly office space.

(1) Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company and Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company are both rated by A. M. Best as A+ (Excellent, 2 out of 16 categories) as of 10/20/17.