ArmadaGlobal creates specialty employee benefit products and services to strengthen healthcare coverage and access.

Ultimate Health

Benefits Designed for the Unique Needs of Top Talent

The ability to attract, retain and protect the best and brightest is essential for any successful company. Ultimate Health, our market-leading limited benefit and supplemental healthcare reimbursement plan, is designed to help companies do just that by providing a broad range of coverage types that tailor to different life stage needs, a way to get back to 100% coverage levels, a tax-efficient* compensation tool, along with health, wellness and travel support services.

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TopDoc Connect

A Vital Link Between Patient and Specialist

When faced with a diagnosis or medical condition, getting to the right specialist and on the right treatment path can be challenging. TopDoc Connect provides objective guidance and access to top physicians who have the exact expertise and experience needed. Created by leading physicians, TopDoc Connect is designed to deliver better health outcomes, reduce claims cost and offer peace of mind.

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